The Scrabster Seafood Bar serves top quality seafood from fishing boats who land their catch at Scrabster fish market. After selecting the freshest local fish it is taken to the Seafood Bar where it’s filleted, skinned & boned. To ensure a genuine value for money experience each of our meals is served with chips, a lemon wedge and sprig of fresh parsley. Essentially, we’re a posh chippy.

Captain’s Choice

Scampi £10.50

Scallops £10.00

Salt & Pepper Squid £10.00

Jumbo Haddock £10.00


Haddock £6.80

Hake £6.80

Cod £6.80


Lemon Sole £7.00

Haddock £7.00

Scampi £7.00

Scallops £6.80

Squid Rings £6.50

Non Seafood

Chicken Fillet £6.80

Smoked Sausage £5.00

Sausage £5.00

Senior – Children

Haddock Battered £6.80

Haddock Breaded £5.00

Chunky Fish Fingers £5.00


Chips Regular £1.80

Mushy Peas £1 15

Pickled Onions (4) £1.00

Pickled Eggs (1) £1.00